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Effective Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Services in St. John’s

Broken or decayed teeth can adversely affect your appearance. As you grow older, the chances of losing your natural teeth increases. But that doesn’t mean you have to live with a smile that you do not like. MUN Dental Clinic offers full mouth rehabilitation services in St. John’s and surrounding areas. These services can help you restore the function and look of your natural teeth. At MUN Dental Clinic, we can restore the aesthetics of your mouth with the help of dentures and bridges. Whether you have missing teeth, injured teeth, or fractured teeth, our dentists can resolve everything. Visit our clinic for a comprehensive dental exam, and our dentists will help you with a personalized treatment plan.

Our Services

Full mouth rehabilitation is a complex procedure that requires years of dental expertise and training. At MUN Dental Clinic, we have skilled dentists to replace your missing teeth using prosthetic devices like dentures. There are several options to renew your smile aesthetically and functionally, depending upon the condition of your teeth. Some of the options that we offer at our dental clinic are listed here:

Missing Teeth

We have multiple denture options to restore the functionality and aesthetics of your smile.

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